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Infosys Business Objects Interview Questions
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How can we acheive Correlated sub-query in Designer?

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How to Implement the the Built-in Strategy Script in BO Designer?

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What are all the points to keep in consideration, while we are migrating the Universes,Reports from BO5.1.6 to BO 6.5? Is is compatible to migrate like this? Does it effect the filters in Reports and Join in the Universe?


how to sort on a particular object,that object is not picked up while creating the cross tab but we need to sort on the object that is not in the cross tab????

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How will you move reports from Dev to QA in BO

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How will you test a BO report

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How to do impact analysis for a change in Database field size which is assigned to a Dimension object and used in 10 universes


BO Webi report in running fine in Dev but takes a long time to run in Production environment, how to reduce this processing time.

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How to implement LDAP authentication in BOE

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What is package in BO


Can any please explain FOR EACH AND FOR ALL?

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How to create a report template BO XI R2

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Hi, difference between loop and trap in business objects ? Thanks in Advance nvsraghu

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what types of challenges we are faced in creating web i reports .can you please explain with some examples.

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Infosys Business Objects Interview Questions

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