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Infosys OOPS Interview Questions
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What is OOPS and How it is different from Procedural Programming ?

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what is meant by files?

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is java purely oop Language?

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What are the OOPS concepts?

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What is a class?

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What are the main differences between procedure oriented languages and object oriented languages?

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What is the difference between and interface and an abstract class ?

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Name an advantage of linked list over array?

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Tell us about yourself.

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how to create thread in java?

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what is virtual function?

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i hav very low percentage in 12th n BSCwhich is around 50.......coz it was just imposed on me 2 b a science graduate,nw m doin MCA n hav aggregate 74% ....what shud i answer if company's HR ask me about dis much low previous percentage??????

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what are the disadvantages of C++?

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what is a virtual class?

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how to find no of instances of an object in .NET?

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Infosys OOPS Interview Questions

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