Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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A 2083kva AVR was tested, phase to ground shows continuity, what is the implications


Types of circuit breaker

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Different types of relay fault which phase sequence??


If 22 KV HT line, Current transformer is 25/5 then how to calculate multiplying factor.


how to compare with Relay settings for HT< panels, RMU panel, and PSS CSS transformer?? 1) Load amps, 2)Tripping time, 3) CT ratio, 4)Cable size 5) Transformer KVA rating 6) transformer full load amps


how to setting Load amps tripping time and extra settings for load Transformer protection relay with RMU panel using C&S model relay..?


In Air circuit breaker LSIG protection unit is used. Without fault in cables (2 runs 3Cx150Sq.mm Copper, 1Kv grade, XPLE armored cable IR value is more than 550Mohm @ 500V Megger) and load section Long time Overcurrent protection is triggers and trips the unit. We changed LSIG protection with new factory tested unit. Even then fault is persisting. Please suggest the possible causes


how to revers the direction of single phase motor


How much voltage we need to apply in 33kv cable during hipot test of cable


An impedance of 100 ohms resistance and an unknown inductance is connected across the capacitor. The resulting impedance is a pure resistance of 500 ohms ifω = 10^5 rad/sec. calculate the values of inductor and capacitor.


Slipring moter find external resistance

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tell me about your project

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Interchange 7 and 6 ,÷and× 36×7+4-7×3

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Why GRR starts from 60% of motor speed why not less than 60%?


How to test transformer

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Do you need any help with FEWA Electrical Supervisor exams?


What is the rotor frequency of 10 Hp 1440 RPM 50HZ 415V ?


What is notching in dc machine?


What is nichols chart?


What is ideal IR values for ground and neutral.


what happen as when voltage drop(or may decrease) ? in case of atomic base theory?


what are the Alarm, Trip & Safety equipment (Issues) present in Power Transformers pls Mail it to ashokbabunhce@gmail.com


can we synchronize star system generators with delta system generators?


How to select, design,size & calculate for 11 KV/33KV/66KV/132KV/220 KV/440 KV circuit breaker for HT side of transformer protection/HT distribution protection?


how to calculate maximum current


3 phase Motor will be given 2 phase after 2 to 5 second we given 3rd phase so Motor Run sum-time in forward or sum time run reverse direction. All time phase sequence is not change. Why motor run in reverse direction? Please Explain........


How you calculate the repturing capacity of a HRC fuse


A 3-phase IM is supplied from 50 Hz system. It runs at speed of 1440 rpm and slip equal to 4 %. Calculate number of pole pairs. A 1 B 6 C 2 D 3


What is magneto on a gas generator. how it functions. its out put is d.c or a.c. how it can be checked for correct functioning


What current flows in the transformer primary when its secondary is open?