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Cummins Interview Questions
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What is the power factor you maintain at ur organization?

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what is GRN ?

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How does and Earth Fault Relay operates in DG set control panel?

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What is the % of WCT under VAT Rules in Delhi?

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Model Question Paper req.

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What is Automatic Voltage regulator(AVR)?

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What is the critical speed. Compare the critical speed of hollw shaft and solid shaft.


what is the function of Choke?

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what is the earth resistance ?

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how to commissioning the genset with amf panel?


can a motor acts as a generator

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is there any difference between inverter and a battery

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if we keep frequency constant can we cal a synchronous generator as a dc generator

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What elements of your job do you find most difficult?

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why a capacitor blocks the DC signal?

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Un-Answered Questions



how we find transformer capacity by ohm


could u pls anyone tel me .."which is the best instute that provides eficient practical knowledge and also real-time oriented knowldge to do a project in manual and automation hyd" pls send me to dis mail-id if u find any..?


Draw a neat sketch showing the 'throat' of a welding in a plate girder ?


sir,,,, iam appearing in hpcl plz send previous papers to me of hpcl... anant


Which is better cad/cam in mechanical or computer networking oriented jobs like linux administration or something else like php programming which is demand of today?


What is the role of the W3C in Web accessibility?


In General please do read newspapers.And be thorough with 10th history and Geography.Biology also


which form no's wiil be used for filing IT,ADVANCE TAX, TDS,VAT,CST,ST,PT,EXICE DUTY,ESI,PF?What is the Due Dates? very urgent


-----------With out using DrillThrough how to do Reports?


What is standard order type


What are the possible testcases for online mobile recharge? For eg, in a web application like paytm.


A company primarily operating from own land, takes on rent building for staff quarters. Whether rent paid on such staff quarters qualifies as capital investment?


How are fishing communities affected by emergencies?


Where would you look for errors from the database engine?


Cummins Interview Questions
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