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Cummins Interview Questions
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What is the power factor you maintain at ur organization?

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what is GRN ?

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How does and Earth Fault Relay operates in DG set control panel?

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What is the % of WCT under VAT Rules in Delhi?

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Model Question Paper req.

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What is Automatic Voltage regulator(AVR)?

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What is the critical speed. Compare the critical speed of hollw shaft and solid shaft.


what is the function of Choke?

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what is the earth resistance ?

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how to commissioning the genset with amf panel?


can a motor acts as a generator

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is there any difference between inverter and a battery

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if we keep frequency constant can we cal a synchronous generator as a dc generator

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What elements of your job do you find most difficult?

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why a capacitor blocks the DC signal?

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Cummins Interview Questions
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