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Cummins Interview Questions
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What is the power factor you maintain at ur organization?

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what is GRN ?

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How does and Earth Fault Relay operates in DG set control panel?

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What is the % of WCT under VAT Rules in Delhi?

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Model Question Paper req.

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What is Automatic Voltage regulator(AVR)?

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What is the critical speed. Compare the critical speed of hollw shaft and solid shaft.


what is the function of Choke?

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what is the earth resistance ?

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how to commissioning the genset with amf panel?


can a motor acts as a generator

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is there any difference between inverter and a battery

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if we keep frequency constant can we cal a synchronous generator as a dc generator

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What elements of your job do you find most difficult?

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why a capacitor blocks the DC signal?

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Un-Answered Questions

What goes into a Test Summary? How would you write a Test Summary?


How to test Fonts and its size thru "Font Expert" in Win Runner.


on the basis accounting,acounting is divided in to how many classes and what are they?


Short Answer on _________Business


what is undisclosed profit? explain


Why is it necessary to prepare Asset Disposal Account?


I'm having problem how to know if certain SD Doc has been paid already. i had already viewed BKPF/BSEG/BSAD/BSID/BSAK/BSIK. I'm a novice ABAPER and when the requesting dept want a report, they just show the layout without proper functional specs. Co'z they dont also know where/what field. Can somebody give a hint or overview which tables links or any flagging fields that triggers a certain DR#(Billing Docs) has already been paid? Hope you can forgive me on this matter. We dont have any training/seminars bout SAP modules. We only take ABAP using SAP script only. I learned ALV through my self-study. Thanks in advance.


can we Consider the Purity threshold and Purity angle in place of peak purity for the specificity test for method verification


---------------Tell me about DWH Concepts?


Enlist four components of electrive drives.


I m Abdullah Ansari compleated MCA from Jamia Hamdard,i have appeared the test of IBM on 2 august at oxford college of engineering Bangalore.waiting for hr round.. This is the first round for IBM.02/08/08 Paper consists of 4 sections 15 questions from matrices(time very less but no negative marking). 25 questions from series completion section (this section is very easy but negative marking) 15 questions from aptitude(little bit tough time limit 15 minute negative marking) 4th section is from computer science (c,c++,operating system,digital electronics ,basic question..) result came at 3 o'clock.i was selected... In interview they asked questions like 1 they asked about final yr project.. 2 what are dynamic and static memory location? 3 linked list and array difference between them. 4 what is function ? what is difference betwen function and inline function? 5 about structure 6 about binary tree, traversal, call by value. 7 storage class and many more basic questions..


all types of questions asked at the cipla interview


how hydraulic power stearin clutch work plz explain




Can you explain about the distinction of Book-Keeping and Accounting


Cummins Interview Questions
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