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Torrent Pharma Interview Questions
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What is the rating of your capacitor bank at your company.

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What is the max demand on your transformer and your company?

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The Name Benzene was Proposed By?

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why u want to work for us?

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what is role of medical representative

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If you have given an unknown compound how you develope a hplc analysis method for anlysis?

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Difference between c18

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why the secondary winding of the transformer is not open circuited ?

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whate is difference between calibration and validation

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How to write a progrramme to turn ON and turn OFF a motor with a single push button in AB?

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During Validation study, Recovery is passing at all levels but Linearity is failing. Justify?

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What is polymorphism?which type of compounds exhibits polymorphism?

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What is an analog input - output , digital input - output . Any example ???? How they r known its ai-ao or di - do

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What is an analog input-output

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What is the Full form of Rccb,MCCB,

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