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NTPC Interview Questions
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What is the rating of your substation and what are the different types of substations?

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What is meant by Resonance what are the different types of resonance and what are uses of them?

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how the aspirator pump works?

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how to caluculate buoyant force in accelerating fluids?

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what are black holes?

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Which modulation scheme are having constant energy modulation?

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In terms of electrical enhineering, give a detailed explanation of the "earth fault loop path"


what is the difference between impulse and reaction turbines ?

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what is the difference b/w winding insulation class and winding temperature class?

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A man leaves office daily at 7:00 pm. A driver with car comes from his home to pick him from office and bring back home. One day he gets free at 5:30 and instead of waiting for driver he starts walking towards home.In the way he meets the car and return home on car. He reaches home 20 min earlier than how much time does the man reach home usually... ?

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when does sedimentation occur before filteration, along with it, along with chlorination, after chlorination?

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what is SAS/Graph?

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hi i m an EC engg i had cleared written test for PE for BEL plz help be for interview provide me full information about intrvw as much as u can.. thankx..

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why the generating voltage in India is 11kV or why is it be transmitted as multiples of 11

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why free wheeling diode is connected across inductive load

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NTPC Interview Questions

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