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UPPCL Interview Questions
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What are the different ratings of the fuse units for different distributions at your organization?

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What is the rating of your substation and what are the different types of substations?

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The ?Grand Trunk Road? connects (a) Kolkata and Mumbai (b) Delhi and Chennai (c) Kolkata and Amritsar (d) Tirupati and Ludhiana

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In eye donation, which one of the following parts of donor?s eye is utilized? (a) Iris (b) Lens (c) Cornea (d) Retina

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Which of the following is the best conductor of electricity ? (a) Copper (b) Aluminium (c) Gold (d) Silver

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Which one of the following is popularly known as ?Lady with the Lamp?? (a) Mother Teresa (b) Florence Nightingale (c) Sarojini Naidu (d) Isabella Archer

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The Desert Festival, an annual event in Rajasthan that displays local folk arts and culture, aerobatics, camel races, is held at: (a) Jodhpur (b) Jaisalmer (c) Barmer (d) Bikaner

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The major aim of devaluation is to (a) Encourage imports (b) Encourage exports (c) Encourage both exports and imports (d) Discourage both exports and imports

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Once approved by the Parliament how long can the National Emergency continue? (a) For an indefinite period (b) For 6 months (c) For 3 years (d) For 1 year

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Why a Transformer Noise during its running condition ??

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What is WCT TDS? who is liable to deduct the WCT TDS?

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explain why tap changer is always connected to high voltage winding side of the transformer.

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what are the dimensions for 200 kva transformer plinth (plateform),in which pcc m20 is used..

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How to calculate compressive strength of concrete?

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uppcl k interview me kya puchha jata hai?

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