Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how can I improve the current at same voltage? if yes is there any circuits?

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how to calculate regulation constants for over head lines? and what are the regulation constant for raccoon conductor at different voltage level and different P.F?


If i=10+10sin314t then find the rms and average value of current with explain?

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If ct ratio is 250/1 and mtr is of 5 amp, what will be mf?

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What is process of anneling transformer core


Whether should be the oil level in OCTC transfomer? It should be upto winding immersed completely or should be upto tap changer s/w? How it will affect the performance of the transformer. Rating may be 33KVA


iam completed my DEEE in eillm university. can i get the c licence in tamilnadu its possible or not

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why motor range is available 22kv,30kv,37kv,45kv and so on? why motor range is not available 21kv,24,25,26,27kv and so on?

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what is ratio of copper wire size and current ?


why select the 3 phase power supply system in electrical system.

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i HP = ?? 746 watts or 735.5 and how??

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What is the effect on in Zone and out zone fault if Phase side CT is Vk/2<30 mA and Neutral side is CT is Vk/4<30 mA for Transformer REF protection



What is genrally the % Impedance of a Dg set? How can we calculate Earthing conductor size for a DG set?


What is effect on in zone and out zone fault if CT chosen for phase side is Vk/2<5mA and Neutral side is Vk/2<15mA on REF protection of Transformer



What is the basis for selecting Vk/2 or Vk/4 for REF and Differential protection of Transformer and What is the significance of magnetising current

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IN induction motor pf is increased using capacitors.what will be the effect on motor and system when very large capacitor is accidently installed and pf goes leading.


why do we measure VIBRATION in -24vdc and why we adjust gap voltage -9vdc to 10-vdc? i am trying to get this information since 5 years, yet i haven't get reliable answer, i hope i can get from you.


The size and construction of bushings in a transformer depend upon?


why voltage form factor of PT are increase , when it is ecpected heigher spikes in system. how it is calculated.


how the testing of protection CT Testing done through Primary injection kit please describe in detail procedure...


Dear friends I want to design busbar for1600 kva transformer(i.e2100 amps) what are all the factors to be considered before selectinga busbar what are all the standard sizes of busbars what is the formula for finding current of copper and aluminium busbar


what is load vs Torque curve & why it is used?


What is meant by harmonic distortion?


Explain RLC circuit?


Whether amorphous core transformer is available in India?.If available then up to what rating of voltage and KVA?.


What is the tests required for a 132 kV, 400 kV , 765 kV for a Circuit Breaker and Power Transformer before commissioning ?


The metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear is subdivided into three types: 1. metal-clad switchgear and controlgear; 2. compartmented switchgear and controlgear 3. cubicle switchgear and controlgear. What is the main differnence between them. State some example.


how to modify DOL control panel into Delta Y connection?


Can we use 230VAC, 63A MCB for 120VAC, 63A supplied heaters load?


draw 3 phase rectifier diagram