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Amara Raja Interview Questions
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What is the rating of your capacitor bank at your company.

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transformers parts & function of each parts

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If one tertiary phase i.e. R,Y or B is earthed of a loaded type tertiary delta connected (Without load)of a power auto transformer, what is its advantage/disadvantage?


what is the difference between star and delta connection ? when we use each one ?what is the best ?

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What do you mean by creepage distance?

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what is fund flow defination

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how much salary you expected?

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ups battery design formula


how to calculate distance between busbar supporters for LT panel, what are the factors influencing in this design


how to calculate cst. give me example

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what is fund flow definition

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What is power supply transformers?

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how many cement bags in 1m^3 cement concrete in all grade

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what is the rate of income tax, if a person gets 200000 per annum, what are entries in tally? what is the income tax to be deducted?

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ANY differenece between income tax and tds

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