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Transco Interview Questions
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How do you connect the capacitors on polyphase circuits?

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What is Vk and Imag i.e Knee point voltage & Magnetising Current? How to calculate above values? How to define accuracy class 5P10?

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Explain What will happen when direction of field current is changed (i.e, field excitation is reversed) in the following machines? 1) Alternator 2) Synchronous Motor 3) D.C Generator ( Shunt or Seies ) 4) D.C Motor ( Shunt or Seies )

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what is the instrument used for measuring insulator RESISTANCE

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why insulators are colured in brown only?

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After doubling voltage from solar cells & use step down voltage transformer can we get high current output with low voltage.


Define the "All - Day Efficiency" of a Transformer

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Transco Interview Questions
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