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TATA Interview Questions
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What is the max demand on your transformer and your company?

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What are the different sizes of cables for H.T and L.T side of supply?

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What are the different ratings of the fuse units for different distributions at your organization?

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What should be the earthing resistance of an industrial substation and also What should be the house hold earthing resistance?

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What are Storage Classes in C ?

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Difference Between Call By Value and Call By Reference?

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what is inventory and how can manage the inventory. what is ledger and what difference in inventory and ledger.

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How do you work in a team situation?

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Who are the authors of the Indian Constitution as per its Preamble

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What is protocol testing. whether u have used any tool in telecom testing.

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what r the heads of taxation

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what is assessment year and previous year ?

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what is Deep Structure?

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Why can't use DAO instead of ADO?

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What does it mean when EIBCALEN is equal to zeros?

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TATA Interview Questions

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