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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference between hot and cold loop testing?


L.A. (Lightening Arrester) is located at a place from where transmission line enters the transmitting substation. So L.A. (Lightening Arrester) is the first equipments which has to encounter with lightening, high voltage surges and switching surges. It has to absorb energy of lightening, high voltage surges, and switching surges. L.A. (Lightening Arrester) is made up of layers of semiconductors. If these layers can not tolerate energy released by lightening, high voltage surges, and switching surges the L.A. (Lightening Arrester) blasts.


What is the effect of electric motor stuck in star configuration,


how the aircraft outer body and inner body is separated ?


how the inner and outer body is separated in aircrafts?


Why we use d.c. meger in a.c. induction motor?

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What happens to a motor if it is connected in Delta connection


75 kw motor take 45 amp in no load delta in star 10 amp but in load it will take 160 amp but IR velue of winding above 500 at 1kw ph to earth and ph to ph. what problem it should be?


what is the range of maximum DOL and SDS can be use for pump and fan application


What is the difference between DOL starter and star delta starter


electrical knowelge


What is resistance reading of earth copper rod with grid and without grid?


A 230 v dc series motor is connected to 230 V ac supply, then

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What is various types of electrical formula?

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How many gap between finger contact in a.c.b. and v.cb.?


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what are the advantage and dis-advantage of 3 phase 4 wire energy meter?


How can we decide cable size from HT panel to Transformer? Please give you reply with some examples.


what is integrated ac contact circuit


Mention what are the types of semi-conductors?


What is the Temperature to be set in Thermostat provided in Marshalling box of the Transformer / Motor.


What is the exact minimum vale of voltage between an earth and netural which can damage or can do malfunction of the electronic equipments ? If this is mentioned in any book, pl.give reference.


What is the purpose of stablization resistor in high impedance bus bar protection


What is cable tray, its type, and its support?


What is size 00, 01, 1 etc., in HRC fuse types?


How a capacitor discharge weld power supply works? what is the use of a pulse transformer?


How do I calculate/select Droop CT ratio for various capacity of generators?


How is the percentage impedence of a transformer fixed at design stage???


What is the resistance of the field winding of a d.c. Shunt generator kept low?


I have an existing old MCCB. ABB Model SACE, the rating are: Ue = 660 volts, Iu =1250 Amps, 3 poles, Ith (max) =800 amps at 45 deg C. I need a circuit breaker for my 3 phase motors, 380 volts 60 hz. the supplier required the minimum ampacity of the breaker to be 911 amps. can i use this breaker with rating of Iu =1250 amps but Ith = 800amps maximum?


whats the application of voltage regulation? and whats the voltage regulation's device?