Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to design the no. of ceiling fans required in 5mtr X 10 mtr X 3 Mtr hight room?


What is the de rating factor of cable? What is the importance of the de rating factor in cable selection?


What is size 00, 01, 1 etc., in HRC fuse types?



What is the meaning of 40X8X2 busbar dimensions for carring load of 400 Amps


What is the purpose of shunt trip in ACB function?

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What is the working principle of CFL & T5 tube light & 40W tube light with electronic ballast?



Is there any Flood lighting system which produces more light (More power consumption 1000W,400W etc.,), white light and restart immediately after power restoration ?

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What is working principle of washing machine?

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Can we use 3 phase energy meter for measureing power in 2 phase 440 V phase circuit?

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1)What are the proccedure of initial charge of 100AH lead Acid battery bank 2)whether discharge test is reqd ? if it is rqd why, how 3)what are the discharge critieria (volt/cell or sp.gravity/cell

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what is ignition?

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why the autotransformer burnt while stating the pumpmotor?, In starter and motor there was no abnormality.

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what condition there autotransformer will fail?

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Why insulation level follows this order? transformer < bus bar < circuit breaker & Isolator < transmission line.


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what are the differant std sizes of cable trenches?


i applied for the ap transco please forward the freqventley asked QA


There are different classes of protections in power plants.class a,b,c are clear..is there any class d and e r there..and elaborate class b protection.


How do we calculate transformer oil in liter from the rating of the transformer.


Is it possible to operate a synchronous 2-poles turbogenerator with a still-in-place faulted bar but electrically disconnected ???? If yes, should I act on the other phases as well ???


Why synchronous motor is used in power factor improvement,dc series in lift


who many types of fire explane with exmple


How it can worked plc based electrical system And which type of software using.


How to decide cable tray size?


Can anyone tell me some hints about what type of questions are asked by the interviewer by an Electronics engineer when company is installing an IPP and wants a team of engineers?


How to test the vector group of a Yd11 transformer? what are the relations to be checked between various vectors to confirm this vector group?


Testing report of Earthing of 3.15 MVa PTR.


What are the Formula of computing Back up Time of 500kVA UPS with 4 Battery Banks, each bank composed of 43 pcs of Batteries 12V150Ah. How to compute the Back up Time of UPS? We have also 3X500kVA UPS running in Parallel same composition as I write above.


What are the characteristics of negative feedback?


how we can calculate chiller required ampear?