Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How do you maintain the batteries for generators, what is the daily maintenance of a generator?


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Do you know how to maintain a generator, if so what are those maintenances?

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Do you know how to connect a motor of different H.Ps?

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What accessories required to give the motor with given circuits and do you know the ratings of those accessories?

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Do you know the alignment of a motor?


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Do you know the overhauling of a motor?

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Do you know the faults occurs generally in motors and how to rectify them?

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How you take care of a motor from over loading and what are the different overloading ratings of different motors?

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Do you know how to joint the H.T and L.T Cables?

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Why a starter is used for a motor?

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What are the starting currents of different motors and also what are the running currents, and idle currents?

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What are the tests to be taken on a transformer and generator?


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What meant by lagging and leading? When if they are occurred what preventive methods should be taken?


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What loads the lagging and leading effects comes in a circuit?

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What is meant by Resonance what are the different types of resonance and what are uses of them?

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Dry type transformers


Can we put 3 layers of cable tray while installing tray


Do any one know exacatly when the results for NHPC held on 8th march 09 for engineering trainees will be released ?. if so please post it, i'm eager to know it.


What is the rating factor for copper cable ( Specific value according to the type of laying ) & the voltage drop?


what is the benefit of floating our DC source? if i have two floating DC source of which 1 has a ref voltage of -21VDC and the other of -18VDC. can it be connected in parallel to share a common ref voltage? if not, how do i make both sources to be of common ref voltage? tks


Ceiling Fan and Storage type water heater. Discuss


Can anyone provide with a SLD for HT panel installation for a 33KV line and distribution end has three 1.5MV transformers. Is it suitable to use OCB or VCB and also provide me the suitable rating and its connection diagram.


why the value of k is more in shell typr transformers?


what is meant by residual over voltage & residual earth fault ?


in single phase converter, the no.of scr's conducting during overlap a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4


if a 3phase 100kva distribution transformer , 400 v,50 hz, 4-wire system is loaded at 160 k.w mostly 1-phase Lighting & Airconditioning split a.c load what will be the net effect on the power system in terms of voltage, powerfactor, current , efficiency of xformer


why sometime we get electrical shock while touching the ballon of dish tv connection ? which we should not get.


what is the AC Plant and how can do the work with parts and picture tell us 150 Tr


please send me previous year questions of jspl through which i could prepare myself for the test.


Two electric lamps 40 W, 220 V each are connected in series across 220 V. What is the power consumed by the connection?