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ABC Accounting General Interview Questions
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Explain how the following transactions would be recorded in a cash book with Cash and Bank columns? i) Deposit of cash into Bank ii) Withdrawal of money from Bank for office use iii) Deposit of cheques (received from others) into Bank iv) Dishonour of cheques deposited into Bank I need a detailed answer..thanks..

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what is the meaning of deferred revenue ? give me some examples

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Give Journal Entry for "Interest Received from Bank" and give description with Accounting rules

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how to pass the journal entry for tds dedcted on commission receivable

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We can Show Director Exp. in Limited Compay,

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what is the difference between accounts and finance ?

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what is Inward & outward remittances

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what is valuation code and valuation modifier in sap fico


What are the current liabilities & current Assets

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If a paid to b rs.1000 on behalf of c what is the entries in The books of a,b,c pls pass the entries

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If I purchase and sale of goods at same price then effect in trading, P & L A/c

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If ABC security service provider monthly bill for the month of Jan is Rs.2,00,000/- including TDS 2% and Service Tax 12%, Edu.Cess 2% and SHE Cess 1% what is the journal entry.

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what is cost price formula ????

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How to make deductions of the employees from salary against the loan in AP module oracle R12


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ABC Accounting General Interview Questions

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