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ABC Interview Questions
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Which of the following OSPF commands, when used together, will put the network into OSPF area 0?


For the FIFA world cup, Paul the octopus has been predicting the winner of each match with amazing success. It is rumored that in a match between 2 teams A and B, Paul picks A with the same probability as A's chances of winning. Let's assume such rumors to be true and that in a match between X and Y, X the stronger team has a probability of 4/5 of winning the game. What is the probability that Paul will correctly pick the winner of the X-Y game?

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hiiiiiii, i have completed post graduation in a marketing from mumbai university in 2011 but right now i don't want to do a marketing i want to join KPO account & FINANCE. my graduation is B.Com.WHAT SHOULD BE REASONS WHICH SATISFY THE RECRUITER.PLZ REPLY I M WATING

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By selling 100 pens, a shopkeeper gains the selling price of 20 pens. Find his gain percent. A. 25% B. 2.5% C. 20% D. 50%


A 400KVA Transformer has 400Hz frequency.if frequency is changed to 50Hz,then what will be the new KVA rating?

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ABC Interview Questions

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