what are the disadvantages of C++?

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what are the disadvantages of C++?..

Answer / kanthi

Well, there are many. A few to mention:
* Does not provide very strong type-checking. c++ code is
easily prone to errors related to data types, their
conversions, for example, while passing arguments to
* Does not provide efficient means for garbage collection,
as already mentioned.
* No built in support for threads.
* Gets complex when u want to develop a graphics rich
application in c++
* portability of code on various platforms, etc

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what are the disadvantages of C++?..

Answer / ranjan

it's not pure object oriented programming language. Because
c++ doesn't support for garbage collection...Which is a
disadvantage of C++. Which is overcome by java.

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what are the disadvantages of C++?..

Answer / rajesh patil

it is not pure object oriented language.

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what are the disadvantages of C++?..

Answer / mandoos


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what are the disadvantages of C++?..

Answer / srikaanth

It is not pure object oriented programming language.
not platform independent.

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what are the disadvantages of C++?..

Answer / thananjayan

C++ Disadvantages:
1.It doesn't support to create GUI oriented S/W easily
2.It can't run all the PLATFORM(WINDOWS,UNIX,etc.)
3.It create .OBJ format,when it compiling so easy to HACKING
4.Storage of our application is so poor,bcoz it having file
concept only not DATABASE
5.Poor in Multitasking

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what are the disadvantages of C++?..

Answer / madhava rao

1.it is not secure
2.it is not simple
3.it is not platform independent
beacuse c++ contains
->friend functions
->globla variables
i am trying to prove it programaticaly;
class A
int a;
void add();
void main()
// hear i am try ing to create new bolck

// in side this block i am trying to create an object of
//type "A"
A obj;
// hear we may think that "obj" life has ended
//hear i am trying to create an pointer variable of type "A"
A *p;
// hear i am tryint to call a method to the pointer of
//tyep "A"
//with out assign any address
p->add();//it works
// than where is the security for u r "obj" already life
i cal prove the remain things also with programatically
pls contact: SoftTech computer Education,new mig,bhel hyderabad,
mail id: madhav_rao34@yahoo.in

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what are the disadvantages of C++?..

Answer / jaffar

hi guys,above every said C++ is not fully object oriented
language , not support ENCAPSULATION and not platform

i think you had a lake of Knowledge about C++

The World most of the companies like Ms , Hp, HCL using C++
for their entire developments.Still Most of the Operating
Systems,System drivers,games are developed in C++.
because of it is fully portable,flexible and ex tenable.And
it most of the lib are platform independents like
SL,STL,OpenGL,OpenCV and etc...

I agree that one,C++ is more complected.

It is not suitable for child-woods.

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what are the disadvantages of C++?..

Answer / linto john

one of the main reason is that it does not support encapsulation, as all the code should be within the class, but main function from where the execution starts is outside the class.
and one more reason is that it does not support garbage collection

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what are the disadvantages of C++?..

Answer / prince0777@facebook.com

C++ lacks in System security because it creats .obj file which can be attacked by hacker .Most of the companies uses C and C++ for system programming because it is prone to attacks in application programming.
Others are :-
* does not provide efficient means for deallocation of memory (garbage collection)
* compilation of code is costly due to 2 reasons :-
1. OS vendor has to employ professionals who can make OS environment that supports C++ applications .
2. Authenciation is required by the vendor which is costly .

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