what is the use of asp.net

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Answer / kotu

Asp.Net is used for developing more User frendly and
Productive Web based Application with minimum Number of
lines of Code.

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Answer / uday


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Answer / vincent dutta

ASP.net using for the developing the websites & webpages.

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You create an ASP.NET application for a hotel. The application contains a page that displays current weather conditions for the city in which the hotel is located. The application calls an XML Web service every 10 minutes to update the current weather conditions. A new page is then displayed for subsequent requests. You want the same page to be cached and retrieved from the cache during the time between calls to the XML Web service. You decide to use a Page directive to accomplish this goal. Which Page directive should you use? A . <%@ Cache Seconds="600 '' VaryByParam="Page" %> B . <%@ OutputCache Time="600" %> C . <%@ OutputCache Duration="600" VaryByParam="None" %> D . <%@ OutputCache Duration="600" %>

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