what is the difference between site engineer & site incharge

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what is the difference between site engineer & site incharge..

Answer / dushyant

There can be many site engineers their nos. depend on the
size of sit
whilest there is always only one site incharge.
The site incharge is whole and sole responsible for all the
work done on site. and he guides all other site engineers.

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what is the difference between site engineer & site incharge..

Answer / sjtbehera

Site engineer is responsible for site execution.

but sit incharge is responsible for project execution

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what is the difference between site engineer & site incharge..

Answer / mayank jain

site engineer is responsible for a design factor and management of activities on the site .
site in-charge is responsible for a labor management and
material wastage.

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what is the difference between site engineer & site incharge..

Answer / prafulla

site engineer execute the work only
site engineer execute the work and all site material
machinery and manpower at timing

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what is the difference between site engineer & site incharge..

Answer / ameer

Site engineer responsible , he maintained more than 3 sites in particular area.
Site In Charge responsible, he maintained that particular one site, he managed the all works. 

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