component parts of a weir

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component parts of a weir..

Answer / saiseshu0

1.Body wall of the weir
2.Upstream solid apron
3.Apron on downstream side
4.curtain walls on u.s & d.s
5.Talus on u.s & d.s
6.shutter on the crest of weir

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component parts of a weir..

Answer / mallikarjun b

1)crest gate
2)launching apron or talus
3)u/s and d/s cutoff
4)block protection
5)inverted filter

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component parts of a weir..

Answer / abu

thaDear All,

Kindly help me in designing a degasser tower for 2m3/hr DM plant, the formulations used in it.

Thanks in Advance

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component parts of a weir..

Answer / j d panda

the basic of weir is there is no gate.

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