how inovative you are? do u define innovation?

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how inovative you are? do u define innovation?..

Answer / rocking civil

All innovation begins with creative ideas
We civil engineers have creative ideas to design structures
resisting even natural disasters like earthquake, where
even software engineers sit and work for their projects...

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how inovative you are? do u define innovation?..

Answer / v

i am innovative,i can think a problem in different ways and
solve it....

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how inovative you are? do u define innovation?..

Answer / venkatesan

inovative is just isolating u from others with ur
glimpsing ideas.

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how inovative you are? do u define innovation?..

Answer / santosh

I am a civil engineer but i have knowledge of computer programming. Also I have design my own web site. I also well known about Origami, mind mapping etc ... different things

Innovation is process where you dedicate you to some work and find something different result than normal.

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