+B D F A I

A C E G H +B D F A I ------------ E F G H D..

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Between macros and functions,which is better to use and why?

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why integer range between -327680to+32767

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what are the advantages & disadvantages of unions?

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write a program to convert a expression in polish notation(postfix) to inline(normal) something like make 723+* (2+3) x 7 (not sure) just check out its mainly printing expression in postfix form to infix.

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Write the test cases for checking a variable having value in range -10.0 to +10.0?

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c program for searching a student details among 10 student details

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What is the meaning When we write "#include" what is # and what does include does there???

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what is difference between #include<stdio.h> and #include"stdio.h"

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main() { int i = 1; int num[] = {1,2,3,4}; num[i] = i++; printf("%d", num[i]); } what will be the output? }

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if a five digit number is input through the keyboard, write a program to calculate the sum of its digits. (hint:-use the modulus operator.'%')

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One of the Institutes contains 5 student groups. Every group contains 4 students. Institute wants to store student group’s details in array. Group should contain group member’s details (name and registration number and age), project name, and mark of the group.

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what is the similarities between. system call and library function?

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