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Infosys C Interview Questions
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what is the use of using linked list and array?

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How to calculate Total working time using Login and logout?

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how to calculate the time complexity of a given algorithm? pls give exaples..mainly for the coplexities such as O(log n),O(n log n)...

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write a program to swap Two numbers without using temp variable.

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what is the diference between pointer to the function and function to the pointer?

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Who is invented by c?

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Blade logic interview question. 1st round is a written tests with 15 multiple questions from c and c++. All are simple basic question. Like int main () { Int i=65; Return printf(ā€œ%cā€, i); } 2nd and 3rd round is technical interview. The position for which I was interview was core UNIX and c. Yes it is for system programming. The company has product name blade server. For their server they are creating their own command for their purpose. Example cd command. We can implement it in a c program by using the chdir() function. So the question asks related to PID, fork, pipe, shared memory, signal. Write a program in c which will act as cp command.

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who did come first hen or agg

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what is the difference between normal variables and pointer variables..............

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hi friends how r u as soon in satyam my interview is start but i m very confusued ta wat i do plz help me frndz wat can i do plz tell me some question and answers related with "C" which r asked in the interview .


what is the difference between getch() and getchar()?

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what is the use of getch() function in C program.. difference b/w getch() and getche()??

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write a c programs to do multiplication of two numbers with out using arithmatic operator ??????????

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How to add two numbers without using arithmetic operators?

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write a program to find the sum of the array elements in c language?

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Infosys C Interview Questions

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