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Infosys C Interview Questions
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WRITE A C PROGRAM FOR PRINT "RHOMBUS" STRUCTURE . Example: Enter the numbers :3 * * * * * * * *

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what is the value of b if a=5; b=++a + ++a

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write a c program to print "Welcome" without using semicolon in the whole program ??

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what is the difference between getch() and getche()?

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who is the father of c

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what is pointer ? what is the use of pointer?

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what is the difference between call by value and call by reference?

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#include main() { int a=1; int b=0; b=++a + ++a; printf("%d %d",a,b); }

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Wt are the Buses in C Language


what wud be the output? main() { char *str[]={ "MANISH" "KUMAR" "CHOUDHARY" }; printf("\nstring1=%s",str[0]); printf("\nstring2=%s",str[1]); printf("\nstring3=%s",str[2]); a)string1=Manish string2=Kumar string3=Choudhary b)string1=Manish string2=Manish string3=Manish c)string1=Manish Kumar Choudhary string2=(null) string3=(null) d)Compiler error

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Write a program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it

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Write a c program using for loop in switch case?

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Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and checks intrusion attempts every 5 minutes. If an intrusion attempt is detected beep the internal speaker to alert the administrator. A high number of aborted connects to MySQL at a point in time may be used as a basis of an intrusion.

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How to find the usage of memory in a c program

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How can you print HELLO WORLD without using "semicolon"?

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Infosys C Interview Questions

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