what is verification and validation?

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what is verification and validation?..

Answer / baba

Verification means Testing the software correctly
implements the specific function in that phase.It performs
each and every stage of SDLC.
Validation Means to ensure the software that satisfied
customer's requirements

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what is verification and validation?..

Answer / ashwin kumar v n

Verification - Are we building the product Right?
its the process of determining whether or not the products
of a given phase of software development fulfill the
requirements establised during the previous phase.

Validation- Are we building the Right Product?
Process of evaluating software at the end of its development
to ensure that it is free from failures & complies with the

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what is verification and validation?..

Answer / balu

Verification: To ensure that the s/w correctly implements
the specific function.
Validation : To ensure that the s/w is satisfied the
customer requiremens.

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what is verification and validation?..

Answer / suneel reddy

Verification is nothing but to check whether our
application is based on corresponding specification or not?

Validation is nothing but to check whether our application
functionality is equal to customer requirements or not?

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what is verification and validation?..

Answer / tushar, pune

Verification is the process of determining if a system meets
the conditions set forth at the beginning, or during
previous activities of the software development life cycle,
correctly. These conditions are set forth in software
requirements, which are usually formally documented. The
standard for software requirements documentation is
ANSI/IEEE Standard 830. Verification typically involves
reviews and meetings to evaluate
documents,plans,code,requirements and specifications. This
can be done with checklists, issues lists, walkthroughs, and
inspection meetings.

Validation is the process of evaluating a system to
determine whether it satisfies the specified requirements
and meets customer needs. Validation typically involves
actual testing and takes place after verifications are completed

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what is verification and validation?..

Answer / manjunath naik

Testing includes verification and validation:
Verifcation: building the product right.
Validation: building the right product.

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what is verification and validation?..

Answer / suresh.chaluvadi

1) Am I building the right product
2) Determining if the system complies with the requirements
and performs functions for which it is intended and meets
the organization?s goals and user needs. It is traditional
and is performed at the end of the project.
3) Am I accessing the right data (in terms of the data
required to satisfy the requirement)
4) High level activity
5) Performed after a work product is produced against
established criteria ensuring that the product integrates
correctly into the environment
6) Determination of correctness of the final software
product by a development project with respect to the user
needs and requirements

1) Am I building the product right
2) The review of interim work steps and interim
deliverables during a project to ensure they are
acceptable. To determine if the system is consistent,
adheres to standards, uses reliable techniques and prudent
practices, and performs the selected functions in the
correct manner.
3) Am I accessing the data right (in the right place; in
the right way).
4) Low level activity
5) Performed during development on key artifacts, like
walkthroughs, reviews and inspections, mentor feedback,
training, checklists and standards
6) Demonstration of consistency, completeness, and
correctness of the software at each stage and between each
stage of the development life cycle.


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what is verification and validation?..

Answer / geetha

Verification is are we building the right product? it is
static testing. this is corrective method of software
testing. This is informatl method of software testing.
before coding, testing will happen. no code will be
checked. here.

Ex:Walkthrogh, inspection,reviews, etc.

validation is have we done right product? it is dynamic
tesing. this is preventive method of software testing.
formal method of software testing. after coding,
validation will be done based on the requirement of the

Ex: Behavioral or functional testing using software. real

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what is verification and validation?..

Answer / kiran kumar

Verification means the evelution of documents by reviews
and meetings.Verification is Static Testing

Validation means the testing done by the tester. Validation
is Dynamic testing

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what is verification and validation?..

Answer / jagadhesh

verification is the the process confirming the software
meets its specifications.
Validation means it is process confirming that software
meets its user requirements

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