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Infosys Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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why you want to join a bpo

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how many selection rounds will be there in IBM voice based tech support?? will there be any Group discussion round??

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problems and consequences of bpo ?

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Who is your role model?

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who is your role model in life?

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speak about mobile communication for 4minutes(topic)


how does your home town differs from hyderabad speak it for three minutes


What are Topologies?

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memorable day in your life,favourite holiday spot,colours,3 questions in 3 sentences ?

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What about your strength and weaknesses?


6. When a customer has a problem, shows a sincere interest in solving it


when god is infront of u what would be ur three wishes and why??

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what is meant by HR reference?

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why you want 2 join bpo ,after completing hotel managment?


what do you know about bpo?

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Infosys Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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