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Infosys Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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tell me about banglore city

4 35309

why you want to come in genpact

4 9925

why do you want to join bpo ?

2 6667

What is your favorite colour, explain briefly about it for at least 5 min. Every time i am getting strucked with this question. PLease help me friends

9 80103

sell to me a perfume..


statement balance sheet journel entry


any things which you not mention in your cv?

3 8258

what you did last year?

6 6658

bangalore traffic for 5 mins

5 82281

What changes do our country needs according to you ?

3 7357

tell me something about chennai

1 29492

You are Having experience of 5 years as a team leader in domestic bpo now why you want to join as a agent in international process


what are qualities of teacher

1 4209

TEll me about which movie have u seen last

2 20321

What should i tell if the hr ask me why you choose and then bpo any one of pls suggest me what i have to answer

1 5755

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Infosys Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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