Who is your role model?

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Who is your role model?..

Answer / vikas passi

my father is my role model. he is the person who has done a
lot to make my life comfortable . he belives that destiny
is in our hands . he says that sucess is not a chance
happenings and to succeed is a decision that we have to
make .

he impresses me in dealing with people and day to day
problems . he liked by most because his honesty is
transparent .

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Who is your role model?..

Answer / chandra sekhar

just say abt ur rol model it may be any one...like sachin ,kalam,e.t.c choose the role model like that by hearing the name of u r role model he should analyse ur charecter ok

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Who is your role model?..

Answer / rahul

my mother is my role model. being a single parent after my
father expired she look after us 3, earned for our living
and managed the home, given us good education and all the
amenities and most importantly the constant encouragement
and the support needed through out. i admire her as she is
not ready to rest at home but still be independent and earn
till the point which she can continue.

friends its better give answers related to family and
friends as role models if u choose eminent personalites
like kalam, gandhi ect... interviewers may know more facts
about them than us. we may be in trouble

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Who is your role model?..

Answer / karthikeyan

my role model is
i am

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