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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / hari

recruitment is the process of attracting qualified
applicants for a specific job. the process begins when
applications are brought in and ends when the same is
finished. the result is a pool of applicants, from where
the appropriate candidate can be selected.

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / sailaja.m

Recruitment is the process of attracting prospective
employees and stimulating them for applying job in an

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / pallavi


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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / pavan agrawal

recruitment is the process of hiring the right kinds of
candidates on the right job.

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / santhu

recruitment is the process where the HR identifying the
gaps to be filled, attracting the suitable person's cv's
through different media ( like adds. in paper, approaching
consultants, employee references, campus placements( when
the requirement is huge), even u can verify active working
employees in ur company through promotions/transfers) &
etc., upto receiving the cv's.
selection starts from scrutining the received cv's,
conducting the tests & finally ends with the HR round of
interview for taking a desicion whether selected or not.


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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / ahammad

Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective
employees and stimulating them to apply for the jobs in
the organization

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / sukanya

Recruitment refers to the process of finding right people
for the right job or function, usually undertaken by
recruiters. It also may be undertaken by an employment
agency or a member of staff at the business or organization
looking for recruits. Advertising is commonly part of the
recruiting process, and can occur through several means:
through online, newspapers, using newspaper dedicated to
job advertisement, through professional publication, using
advertisements placed in windows, through a job center,
through campus graduate recruitment programs, etc

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / esha sharma

Recruitment is the process of generating the pool of
applicants. It starts with the job desription and job
specification..Then the whole recruitment cycle is
Recruitment, as compared to selection is the positive
process, coz in selection u have to select limited number
of peoples from the pool and you have to reject some. But
recruitment is a positive process as it aims at generating
pool of applicants.


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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / mamatha.m

according to EDWIN B FLIPPO, "Recruitment is the process of
searching for prospective employees and stimulating and
encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organisation."
Thus, recruitment enables the organisation to select
suitable employees for different jobs. it is the most
important function of the personnel department.
It is concerned with the discovery of the sources of
manpower and tapping of these sources so that the potential
employees are properly evaluated and the new employees are
placed and inducted to fill up the vacant position in the
Recruitment aims at developing and maintaining
adequate supply of labour force according to the need of
the organisation.

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / nm

Recruitment is the process of identifying the qualified
candidates from various sources like , internal database,
Employee references, Internet, employment agencies, campus
hiring, Job adds in newspaper etc.,and attract them to apply
for a specific job.

After the recruitment the organisation starts selection process.

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