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I have done B.Sc.(H)Zoology.Presently doing MBA(Global Business).Went for an interview.There they asked me "Why did you do MBA after doing B.Sc.?"

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what is the basic means of SAP/SAP-SD

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define your self


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what are the questions arises in personnel management,&give suitable answers ? What are the questions arises in administration,give suitable answers?

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You've been given the assignment to evaluate the purchase of a new material management system for the City? What factors will you consider in your evaluation?

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Define the relationship that exists between a supervisor and supervisee?

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What is the best type of compensation structure?

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What qualities should a successful manager possess?

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Why do you consider yourself sutiable for the post?

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what are the questions that have been asked till now in the interview of MBA fresher?


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why should we consider u


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? What do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years?


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what is crocodile marketing

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why are you going to abroad? is not offered any universites and colleges here?

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what is difference between direct and indirect marketing?

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if you are manager of tisco jamshedpur, how will you motivate the employees to achieve more production


hello sir! i am jot n i have applied for student visa which was rejected in july and officer didnt gave my any reason for that.he only asked me that i m applying first time? n second thing he asked m that which university?i told him both the answer but suddenly he said m sorry and didnt gave any reason now i have applied for second time and my interview is in few days..can you please tell m how should i coveince the officer n please tell m if he ask m why i have choosen this university only as there are many other?? should i tell him features or good points of the university??


Business Social Responsibility (BSR). How this can be used to improve the business environment?


How Government calculate Inflation Rate


Why u do mba and then why u do the commititive examination and how it help in police department


what is debt ratio


what ur future aspiration and how can we (mba institute) will help you to pursue your goal???


why are you interested in Management?


Hi, Could any one please help me in deciding the specialization paper to be taken in MBA. As I am from computer background and also this is of my keen interest, so IT is good?? or Operation is good? I shall be much obliged to you for this kind of help. Kindly revert me at . Regards, Ramsharan


what do you know about US culture?


whats personnel manager job market?


Why Does Currency Value Fluctuates?


describe a time when you are responsible for organizing different types of personal to get work done and some of them weren't very enthusiastic. What did you do?


2)Why do most of the controls of overall performance turn to be financial should they be What else should suggest


What are the GL postings in porocure to pay cycle?