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Business Administration Interview Questions
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I have done B.Sc.(H)Zoology.Presently doing MBA(Global Business).Went for an interview.There they asked me "Why did you do MBA after doing B.Sc.?"

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what is the basic means of SAP/SAP-SD

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define your self


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what are the questions arises in personnel management,&give suitable answers ? What are the questions arises in administration,give suitable answers?

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You've been given the assignment to evaluate the purchase of a new material management system for the City? What factors will you consider in your evaluation?

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Define the relationship that exists between a supervisor and supervisee?

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What is the best type of compensation structure?

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What qualities should a successful manager possess?

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Why do you consider yourself sutiable for the post?

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what are the questions that have been asked till now in the interview of MBA fresher?


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why should we consider u


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? What do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years?


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what is crocodile marketing

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why are you going to abroad? is not offered any universites and colleges here?

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what is difference between direct and indirect marketing?

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What is "Readjusting goal and Milestone" in Project Management.


Why do you want to work with SOUTH ATLANTIC OIL AND GAS INC.?


2)Why do most of the controls of overall performance turn to be financial should they be What else should suggest


why you done mba in finance


Find out BEP(Rupees) when p/v ratio is 40% , MOS is 30%. Profit is Rs 12000


How will you deal with corporate office and what are the steps.


What is sales and operational planning(S&OP)process and what are the advantages of S&OP process?


why you want do business administration and management in Us?


describe a time when you are responsible for organizing different types of personal to get work done and some of them weren't very enthusiastic. What did you do?


in mba personal interview, if someone ask me that you choose hr as your career why not marketing or finance?


what are the evolution of public adminstration?


hii all, am sai kranthi from hyderabad, i have 2yrs of work exprnce , i wrote gre in 2010 got 930 and ielts 6.5 , i want to aply for mba in usa . but i have the percntge 55 only and had also one rejection to usa in 2010 dec. do i have any chance to get visa for mba with the profile i have ?


Management Accounting is nothing else but financial & Coast Accounting tailored to the requerments of management Defend of critical the statement give reasons


hi i m sagar. i cleared the written exam of federal bank. pls let me know the interview dates and location.


A. What kind of decisions is a manager generally required to make in the organizational context? Explain with examples as to which of these correspond to programmed and non-programmed categories B. Discuss various strategies used in implementing organisational change in the context of a large manufacturing company