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what are the qualities that made me worth hiring


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How many stairs did you climb before getting into my chamber....???? (subject to the location of the chamber)


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Once while talking to a IIM student he told me that he was asked...... What if i ask u to jump from window in the room....??? in PI

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where do you 5 years from now


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why did you decide to do mba from our institute?

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What qualities should a successful manager possess?

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Describe the relationship that should exist between a supervisor and subordinates?

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What are the most important rewards you expect in your business career?

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Which is more important to you, the money or the type of job?

Bibo Water,

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How Are Changing Laws And Technology Impacting Storage For Small Businesses?



Introduce your self?

HCL, TCS, ICICI, Dai-Ichi, Cognizant,

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what is mean by bussiness analyst?

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what is the difference between bussiness development and bussiness system analyst?


what is the core job profile of an bussiness system analyst?

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if you are selected, how will you apply the managenet technique inorder to develope our concern

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Good day Sir, Myself Anu Parakkal.I pursued my MBA in HRM,and i wish to take advance degree in Sea Port Management.Let me know the correct information about this.


tell me about ur self in hindi


hi;my name is rahul; im from india;well i have undergraduated student in english studies; then i caried on my studies in social developement departement from which after a year i v got a profesional licence degree in social institutions management; and now im applying for studying mba in usa ( concentration:marketing management)in2008; since 2years up to now im doing trainig in different associations; my sponsor is my question is: do i have any chane to get visa in my case; and in ur opinions ladies and gentemlmen what s the most convincing motivations and answered could tell the in embassy? plz don t hesitate to share me ur point of views


A. What factor account for the resurgence of interest in Operation Management today?


Right now i have just passed my bcom first year exams and i am looking forward to qualify CAT. I dont know what all is reqired. I passed my +2 from CBSE commerce and i dint studied maths. Can you suggest me what should i do to qualify CAT


Justify your suitability for the position?


reqyured sale tax pattern


What course have you applied to study at London School of Arts?


Why do you want to study business management?


Define objectives. Discuss characteristics of business objectives, why should objectives be verfiable? What are criteria of sound objectives. Can an objective be a planning premises?


what is mba?


What do you meant by Management Audit?


List the charateristics of Modern Manager.


advantages and disadvantages of the custer sampling


what are the benefits of insurance as compared to banking