Non Technical Interview Questions
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Why have you shown interest to join us?


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Where you would like to be in 5 years?


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Why do you want to work here?

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How do you define success?

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What personal trait is needed to be a success in this job?

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What do you think it takes to be successful in a sales career?

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How you would be able to handle criticism of your job ?

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Tell us about any situation that frustrated you a lot in your work ?

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What are you looking for, when you look for a job

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What is your biggest strength ?


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What are the most important things in making a company successful and what is the role of an employee in its success ?

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Say about your strengths and weaknesses ?

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explain the importance of the study of business management. Explain th functional areas of business management.


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define marketing in your words except book definition


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how components may have extremely high mtbf and comparatively short mean life?


hi,....i have finished my MCA degree-2008passed out....i planned to write bank some banks i noticed tat vaccancy for clerk posts....and in PO... wat salary v can expect for clerk and PO(probationary officers)...i applied to karnataba bank....wat r al the things to prepare for al bank exams..wat s the difference of clerk and PO posts.... being MCA s there any jobs in bank...if u knoe the details abt tis,pl tell me


I am working in IT sector and also doing regular MBA so want to know tricks regarding management of Job and Education on same time? I get some tricks here by Internet Surfing Someone have any more ideas?


Hello everyone I'm looking for the Eassy writing topits which can be asked in interveies.could any one help me out?


SBI conducted the exam in 6 shifts. some papers are easy and some are difficult. will the merit list be prepared for all papers equally or distinctly. please reply


why would you like to change your career from IT?


what is finance and accounting solutions


how a science graduate is helpful in banking. how his/her studies like physics/chemistry/mathematics is related to banking


You are mentoring the new customer interaction executive who has just joined. The regular induction schedule which includes her reading and five call simulations, takes 7 working days. But due to pressure on calls, your boss asked to make sure she is starting to handle calls by friday morning. Today is monday. What would you do in this scenario?


How does Regulatory Compliance and Right to Information Act help in the growth of Business Intelligence in India ?


store officer most important goal for next year


1. I would like to do join as a insurance agent in private sector. May I join?


I want start a small diary farm with 10 cow plz guid me?


why would you like to change your career from IT?


why you have choosen finance as your specialization