Human Resources Interview Questions
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Tell about the positive and negative aspect in your previous job

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What is HRM?

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What is HRD?

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Define Motivation?

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Mcgregors theory of Motivation?


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Threory of X and Y?

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Vector Rooms Theory?


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Selection means?

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What is Training?

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What is Learning?


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Difference Between Training and Learning?

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Difference between Training and Development?

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What is IHRM?

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What is TCN?s?


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Hii friends, i am a fresher, and i am looking a career in recruitment side, i am attending so many interviews, i am very bhoring with self introduction part, where ever go there are asking self intro, i want present to my self in different way. so if you have any ideas about this please share your ideas to my mail id..


Why are the employers not disclosing the results or the defects of the specific candidate soon after Interviewing process? Is There any complication which will arise in mentioning the details or to keep them confidential?


what are the methods to measure managerial effectiveness


why you consider fit for the post applied for?


what control mechanisms might be most appropriate to ensure that action plans match targeted needs ?


What screening and selection methods are available, and which ones are most accurate? Explain.


The present state of recession in the IT Industry – as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning to Macro level to tide over the crisis


What are the governing principles under "reasonable accommodation"?


What do you know about our organization


how do you purpose to serve the society after becoming a management professional at saraswati institute of management and technology?


Tell me about a time you were able to successfully deal with another person even when that individual may not have personally liked you


i am doing final year mba. i planned to do my project in talent acquistion management.. can any one give me the standardised scale & questionnaire for the project. thank you


What can you do for the growth of BHEL?


what is the mandatory t code for frontend recruitment process?


interview questions and answers for hr trainee position