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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / megha mittal

According to me Recruitment is the process of inviting the
pool application of qualified people for the desire profile
in a particular organization.........

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / balaji

Recruitment the process of seeking and attracting the
peolple for the right kind of job.

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / pallavi

Recruitment refers to the process of sourcing, screening
and selecting people for ajob or vacancy with in an
organisation.Though individual can undetake individual
components of the recruitment process, mid and large size
organisation generally retain professional recruiters.

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / sailaja vadde

Recruitment is a process of identifying a pool of
candidates for expected or specified vacancies in an
organization,which starts from receving the applicant's
profile,screening,validating,shortlisting,interviewing and
placing him in a right position.

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / parul

Recruitment is a process of a department in any
organisation specially assigned with the job for eg.: Human
Resource Management/Department. The process starts with
the screaching for the jobs vacant with the organisation.
Then comes few steps to cover this process. After having
vacancies the HRD look for the right candidate which can
either from with the organisation or outside. Recruitment
involves sourcing of the resumes which are requested to
fill the vacancies, screaning of the resumes received,
selecting the suitable candidates matching the criteria's,
conducting interviews, tests etc. shortlisting and puting
the right candidate at the right place.

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / r.sainatha reddy

recruitment is the process of selecting the right kind of
person to suitable job

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / md sajid

Recruitment is the process is to provide sufficently large
group of qualified candidates, so that suitable candidates
can be selected out of them.

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / v.s.nithya

it is process of discovering potential candidates for the
actual or anticipated job vacanicies in the organisation

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / anil reddy

Recruitment is an oppurtunity to all qualified candidates
that fullfill's the requirements of the company

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What is Recruitment?..

Answer / radhika srinivasan

Recruitemnt-Placing Right Person in Right Place with Full

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