About yourSelf ?

About yourSelf ?..

Answer / mohamedhagag_23

Nationality: Egyptian.
Birth Date: June, 18th, 1983.
Military status:
Marital status: Married.
Passport: Valid.

Objective :

A challenging career in a multinational company that
provides network based services. My academic background and
working experience in this field will make me a valuable
contributor on international and domestic ventures. I am
dynamic, flexible, energetic and self-motivated.

Education :

 University (2000-2005) :

Bachelor degree of Electrical Communication and Electronics
Shoubra Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University-Benha
branch in May 2005.
Total Grade : Good (73.23%).

 Graduation Project:

Controlling via Internet and Power Lines.
Project Grade : Excellent.

 Subjects Studied:

Electronics, Communications, MCSE, Network, PLC,
Orcade, Microcontroller,
Microprocessor, Assembly, Java, C++, HTML and
Visual Basic.

Professional Experience:

From: Jan 2006 till now.
Company: Orascom Telecom Holding – Ring
Position: Team leader
Job Description:
Level 3 Team Leader - Repair Nokia, Samsung and BlackBerry
mobile phones up to level 3

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