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  • Alkem Labs interview questions (22)

Alkem Labs Interview Questions
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What is HRM?

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I have found somebody's PAN Card. How can I trace his contact details??

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What is the diffrence between four strock and two strock ic engine

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why do you want to join pharmaceutical as medical representative

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i am B.Pharm Graduate preparing for Drug Inspector exam 2009.i would like to get some model question papers,no problem if it going to be from other state also.plz send to my email id thanks, priya

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what is principal of karl ficher instrument!

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why kf factor coming 0.5

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For Recent draft guidelines for Dissolution test apparatus calibration, why removing the salicylate tables?

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what are the key duties of area maneger in pharma

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whate is difference between calibration and validation

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how to regulate noise in HPLC?

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what is the difference between hot air oven and vacuum oven? why you are using vacuum for some products

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What is OOS $ OOT ?

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Why water is not detected in GC & solvents are not detected in HPLC?

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Why water is not detected in GC & solvents are not detected in HPLC?

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Alkem Labs Interview Questions
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