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Human Resources Interview Questions
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What is PCN?s?

econ, ITC Infotech,

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What is HCN?s?

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What is Compensation?

Nagarjuna Construction, NCC, Pantaloon,

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What is salary?

FleetGuard, TCS,

9 11583

What is wages?

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What is the Difference between salary and wage?

42 62682

What is Employee Morale?

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What is Fringe Benefits?

5 9642

Trade Unions?

3 10639

What are Incentives?


5 12357

What is Coordination?

7 18672

What is Controlling?

14 20281

What is On the Job Training?

5 8298

What is Off the Job Training?

16 40927

What is ERM?

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Un-Answered Questions { Human Resources }

What control mechanisms might be most appropriate to ensure that action plans match targeted needs?


Is wheather system administration is related to human resource . what is meant by HRIS, because in my current company i am working as system administor, but my job titile refers me as HR management and admin specialist. i need a clear clarity because i completed my MSW in "HRM".. i am really in a confused state


what factors should be kept in mind in selecting HCN?


What is sexual harassment?


state two major differences between the practice of personnel management and human resource management.irrespective of these is practised what needs to be measured?


What was the most difficult presentation that you've had to make? How did you overcome the difficulty?


What should be the components of a fair policy with regard to collecting, maintaining, and disseminating information about employees?


how can i apply for summer training course at Artech India Pvt Ltd.also i want to know the mail id and contact no of this can i get that?


what is patent rights and copy rights


Some of my friend is willing to do MBA from a reputed institute. Currently she is working with a top recruitment consultant. Will th experience will be counted in HR field later


what are the main job evaluation methods and how do we use them pls give examples from ur particular sitution?


how to calculate Basic,DA,HRA and TA of employees salary?


what are the duties of a staff as manpower management?


Hey Guyz I m a 8th sem student.i want to make my career in human resource management.a project has submitted in college in the end of this sem. should i take my training in language or should i find the hr job? can i get a job in human resource managements after or firstly i have to do MBA. pls tell me i m very confused....... pls... can also tell me in this e-mail id (she is my sister)


The present state of recession in the IT Industry – as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning to Macro level to tide over the crisis