Human Resources Interview Questions
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i want to become a manager after 5 years what will do for that.


Describe a time when you anticipated a problem and developed a potential solution?


justify your suitability for this position?


Why u switch your career from BSC ( foods & nutrition) to MBA ( HRM)

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why you have chosen to pursue a career in HR

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Hey Guyz I m a 8th sem student.i want to make my career in human resource management.a project has submitted in college in the end of this sem. should i take my training in language or should i find the hr job? can i get a job in human resource managements after or firstly i have to do MBA. pls tell me i m very confused....... pls... can also tell me in this e-mail id (she is my sister)


What is difference between Performance Management and Performance Appraisal?

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The present state of recession in the IT Industry - as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to tide over this crisis?

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Hi, Me & my friends want to train in Oracle Apps HRMS application(Functional). Hence i would need a real time trainer assistance/training institutes in Hyderabad. Kindly reply /contact me on 9703328023 in case you know.. Thanking you.


In which condition Both the acts are covered i.e ESIC and WC Act?



What is mean by Out sourced Activities is that related to HR activities ?

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Is wheather system administration is related to human resource . what is meant by HRIS, because in my current company i am working as system administor, but my job titile refers me as HR management and admin specialist. i need a clear clarity because i completed my MSW in "HRM".. i am really in a confused state


This Problem May Arise For Most Of The MBA'S That AFter Studing MBA Which Job SHOULD We Have To Apply HR POINT OF VIEW 


The present state of recession in the IT Industry - as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to tide over this crisis



I have a list of wagetypes. To get those wagetypes which infotype needs to be created?? Is there any table available to know this?? I have already tried V_T512Z but i don't have access to that table in my client system.


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As a manager, did you ever fire anyone? If so, what were the reasons and how did you handle it


what are all the human resource policies?


Recent trends in Human resource?


How to do headhunting in information technology profiles? The recruiting is different in this kind of profiles?


How to Reduce short term attrition substantially by conducting motives and self image analysis?


what is the mandatory t code for frontend recruitment process?


about hrd


should mangers advocate the use of an activity that could possibly get out of control?


We. urgently need for a person to be hired in 3 days in our organisation ,how should we go on and what is the method?


what is full form human resource (hr)?


The present state of reession in it industry as a human resoures managers how are you going to under take human resoures planing at maecro leval to ove this crisis


What are the advantages and disadvantsges of stress interview?


Hi , I am a graduated in science at the year of 2006 & have started my professional career from that year as an HR personnel and still working. I have also got a bit of sales experiences in between this. Currently I am doing PGD in HRM from ICFAI & has done a Management Development Programme from IIM(Indian Institute of Management). My questions are 1) Am I moving in right direction towards my career ? 2)Will it be necessary to mention my Sales- Experience in my resume(as it was about 1yr.) , 3)What kind of job I can apply after finishing my PGD ?


i am a mba professional,but i ve secured 59.5% in mba.will i get job in hr field ps tell me?


A well thought out orientation is essential for all new employees, whether they have experience or not