Human Resources Interview Questions
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i want to do sap course as i am fresher(mba hr) is it usefull to do sap hr without experience


How are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to overcome the recession period?

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How much confident you are in working individually in terms of


What is the role of resource manager in the organization?

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what are the hr implications of Technical approach an External resource approach


what is difference between planning and strategic?


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If my salary is 11,ooo then how much my Basic ,HR & DA.



what is the HR Metrics?

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Worst ever IT consulting companies If you find any fake companies, kindly share it.

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Recruitment is positive process while selection is negative process why?


Dear sir how i calculate the p.f & esic amount + & - like if a employee p.f amount is 122.05 so how much calculate 122 & 123. this is the same problem in esic pls give the answer


Gratuity & PF calculation & New Changes in rule ?

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How to generate combined challan of pf?


If you have done your BE in Computer science then why you choose HR as a profession ?


Describe a time when you are responsible for organizing different types of personnel to get work done and some of them weren't very enthusiastic. What did you do?

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what are the duties of a staff as manpower management?


How can we communicate as realistic a picture as possible of a job and of the organization to prospective employees? What kinds of issues are most crucial to them?


A well thought out orientation is essential for all new employees, whether they have experience or not


Recent trends in Human resource?


What would you do for us? What could you do that someone else can’t


What is post hiring and pre hiring?


As jobs become more team-oriented, assessment centers will be used more often for non-rnanagement jobs. Do you agree or disagree?


Where does Recruitment end and Selection begin?


I have a list of wagetypes. To get those wagetypes which infotype needs to be created?? Is there any table available to know this?? I have already tried V_T512Z but i don't have access to that table in my client system.


what is talent acquisition


how can i apply for summer training course at Artech India Pvt Ltd.also i want to know the mail id and contact no of this can i get that?


Dear Friends, I am having a 4+ years of experience in HR field and am planning to do SAP - HR general course (not the certification) but one of friend suggested me to go for SAP certification. But am confused whether to go for certification or general course?? If I have to do the certification how for its going to help?? How is the future for SAP CERTIFICATION?? NEED YOUR HELP, KINDLY ADVISE ME Best Regards Kiran M: +91 – 9632600115 Email:


Describe a time when you anticipated a problem and developed a potential solution?


justify your suitability for this position?


hi every one..........i hav applied to hpcl as management trainee....plzz help me want sample written test papers (aptitude and subject)