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Difference between Training and Development?

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Difference between Training and Development?..

Answer / hari

training is conserned with the immediate improvement of the
employee, i.e. the ways to make the employee more effective
in his current role whereas development is a process to
make the employee efficient enough to handle critical
situations in the future, i.e. how well he can equip
himself for the future demands.

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Difference between Training and Development?..

Answer / payal

i feel that there is another dimenssion that may
differentiate training and development.
training focuses on short term learning needs.
in contrast development focuses on developing long term
strategic capabilities.
So, training to write might focus on how to use word
processing s/w.
developing the ability to write would focus on

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Difference between Training and Development?..

Answer / divya

Training generally refers to teaching of new skill in
professional field of the employee. Like an employee being
taught to operate another machine, or to perform a new
operation in the same machine.

Development refers to enhancement of personal qualities of
the employee which do not have a one to one relationship
with his current job. It may be to help an employee to grow.
Like stress management techniques, yoga lessons, meditation
exercises, soft skills training, etc.

While training is expected to reward the company immediately
in terms of better productivity of employee, Development
does not lead to any immediate and tangible benefits to the

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Difference between Training and Development?..

Answer / sap

Training is short time period,while Development is long time
period.Training concerned with specific field,while
Development concerned with all field.

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Difference between Training and Development?..

Answer / m

Training Vs. Development
1. Training Focuses on technical, mechanical oriented
operations while DevelopmentFocuses on
theoretical skills & conceptual ideas
2. Training is Concerned with specific job skills &
behaviour while Development is Concerned with related
enhancement of general knowledge & understanding of non-
technical organization functions
3. Training is Mostly for non-managers while development
is For Managers & Executives
4. Training Focuses on current jobs while development
Prepares for future jobs
5. Training Focuses on short-term gains while development
Focuses on long-term accruals
6. Training Is job-oriented process & is vocational in
nature while development Is general in nature & strives to
inculcate initiative, enterprise, creativity, dedication &
loyalty amongst executives

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Difference between Training and Development?..

Answer / anonymous

TRAINING means learning new things and refreshing old one.
DEVELOPMENT means Implementing the learned session and
Finiding new ones.

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Difference between Training and Development?..

Answer / raghavendra r pawar

Training concern to the exact task or project, given by the
organization or company. Development is the continuous
process it guiding individual to handle critical and crisis
situation on own in better manner.

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Difference between Training and Development?..

Answer / pari

When training a 'person' the onus is on the role he/she is
performing. What I mean is when people are being TRAINED,
we’re trying to add value to specific things, such as their
job description.
When developing the focus is on the 'person' themselves.
When we develop people, we are adding value to 'everything'
the person has to offer . The onus of development is not
only to make them better in their jobs but also to become
better in their day to day life.
TRAINING people is helpful for a short time, where as
DEVELOPING people is helpful for a lifetime.

And while the result of TRAINING may be seen as changed
The result of DEVELOPMENT is definately changed LIVES.

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Difference between Training and Development?..

Answer / nidhi

Training usually refers to some kind of organized (and
finite it time) event - a seminar, workshop that has a
specific beginning data and end date. It's often a group
activity, but the word training is also used to refer to
specific instruction done one on one.

Employee development, however, is a much bigger,
inclusive "thing". For example, if a manager pairs up a
relatively new employee with a more experienced employee to
help the new employee learn about the job, that's really
employee development. If a manager coaches and employee in
an ongong way, that's employee development. Or, employees
may rotate job responsibilities to learn about the jobs of
their colleagues and gain experience so they might
eventually have more promotion opportunities. That's
employee development.

In other words employee development is a broader term, that
includes training as one, and only one of its methods for
encouraging employee learning.

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Difference between Training and Development?..

Answer / ambily.p.m

Training deals with improving employee's knowledge,skills
and attitudes. ... While development is a more holistic
approach in which the organization provides oppurtunities
to its employees to develop their competencies

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