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What is IHRM?

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What is IHRM?..

Answer / hari

IHRM stands for international human resourse is the art of managing different people
with various cultures...

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What is IHRM?..

Answer / akbar khattak

IHRM is the process of procuring, allocating, and
effectively utilizing human resources in a multinational

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What is IHRM?..

Answer / jitender oberoi

This is more than managing people efforts in and out of the
bordes; Cultural diversity and many more related 1nfluences.

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What is IHRM?..

Answer / gaurav deosthali

IHRM abbreviates as International Human Resources
Management. Organisation which utilises this system results
in concentration of greater cultural values, ethical codes,
religious do's and don'ts etc. IHRM process also includes
HR planning, recruiting, training, compensation,
performance appraisals.

IHRM is also a challenging and risk exposure process
carried out by HR's of any organisation. Also it is a type
of learning syllabus for both the HR's and the employees
recruited throug this process.

hence, IHRM is both risktaking and investing process.

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What is IHRM?..

Answer / ramarkrishna

International HRM is the management of workforce
efficiently and effectively across boundaries.

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What is IHRM?..

Answer / maria arul anand

Creating unique value to all human resources and resources
which is acquired by human.Managing the standars to find
the cultural fit in terms ethics ,responsibility, growth

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What is IHRM?..

Answer / bhupendra bhandari

ihrm is the process of allocating, procuring and effectively utilization of human resources by balancing the integration and differentiating of HR activities in foreign locations.

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What is IHRM?..

Answer / aquib

it just tells how one manage the people with different
culture , ethenicity, values and ethoes.

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