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What is Learning?

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What is Learning?..

Answer / swati k mehrotra

Dear members,

All the mentioned above are descriptions of learning, the
recognized definition is as follows:

A permanant change in the behaviour of an individual due to
experience gained through some source.

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What is Learning?..

Answer / kanika

The act, process, or experience of gaining knowledge or
Knowledge or skill gained through schooling or study.
The process of acquiring knowledge or some skill by means
of study, practice, and/or experience.

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What is Learning?..

Answer / sripad

learning is never ending process of knowing new things,
either by observation or by any one teaching or guidance.

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What is Learning?..

Answer / sai prabhanjan

hello everyone, the answers which had given above are right, but also my suggestion is:

learning is the process to know which we don't know..

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What is Learning?..

Answer / suji

learning is the process where by people taught about the

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