is java purely oop Language?

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is java purely oop Language? ..

Answer / swapna

java is not a pure object oriented .its partially object
oriented.object oriented means every thing should be used in
terms of java we use datatypes with out creating
any objects.using java we can do fully object oriented its a partially object oriented.

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is java purely oop Language? ..

Answer / sujith

Perfect answer by Swapna. Java is not pure object oriented.
Data types are still not objects except String. I think the
only pure object oriented language still is smalltalk,
though i havent explored much with c#.

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is java purely oop Language? ..

Answer / vijay tandel

Java is not pure OOP Language because it uses primitive data

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is java purely oop Language? ..

Answer / baalu aanand

No, because
1) data types not declaring by object except String, data
types are declaring in Literal types
2) It not support Multilevel inheritance
3) It does n't support operator overloading

So, java is not purely OOP concept

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is java purely oop Language? ..

Answer / ravi

no ,
java is not a purely object oriented language because it
doesnot support the feature multiple inhetiance .
it support the feature interface instead of multiple

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is java purely oop Language? ..

Answer / mahaveer bhaskar

no, because it uses primitive data type

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is java purely oop Language? ..

Answer / manikandan

Java is purely OOPL.primitives are simple datatypes in java
all the collections classes are uses wrapper class only not
a simple data types In all the applications we uses wrapper
class only not a primitives.we use primitives only for a
learning purpose and java supports native language that so
primitives still lives in java

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is java purely oop Language? ..

Answer / girish

No,java is not pure object oriented language ,not
everything done by an object.Pure oopl is small talk.

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is java purely oop Language? ..

Answer / mathi

Java is not a pure oop lang. Smalltalk is a pure oop

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is java purely oop Language? ..

Answer / vinay chowdary

According to oopl specification a language which considers
each and every component as an object.
1.But in java primitive datatypes are there so we can
consider java as not fullfledged oopl.
2.all of u guys plz think that java also providing wrapper
classes for each primitive,so can't it be full object
orientation(plz respond me on this point)

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