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What is QA Life cycle

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What is QA Life cycle..

Answer / guest

QA Life cycle is

Risk Analysis
Test plan
Test design
Test excution
Defect tracking

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What is QA Life cycle..

Answer / rakesh

It Includes,

1. Test requirements,
2. Test planning,
3. Test design,
4. Test execution and Defect logging,
6. Test reports and acceptance,
7. Sign off.

Test Requirements
1. Requirement Specification documents
2. Functional Specification documents
3. Design Specification documents (use cases, etc)
4. Use case Documents
5. Test Trace-ability Matrix for identifying Test Coverage

Test Planning
1. Test Scope, Test Environment
2. Different Test phase and Test Methodologies
3. Manual and Automation Testing
4. Defect Mgmt, Configuration Mgmt, Risk Mgmt. Etc
5. Evaluation & identification? Test, Defect tracking tools

Test Design
1. Test Traceability Matrix and Test coverage
2. Test Scenarios Identification & Test Case preparation
3. Test data and Test scripts preparation
4. Test case reviews and Approval
5. Base lining under Configuration Management

Test Execution and Defect Tracking
1. Executing Test cases
2. Testing Test Scripts
3. Capture, review and analyze Test Results
4. Raised the defects and tracking for its closure

Test Reports and Acceptance
1. Test summary reports
2. Test Metrics and process Improvements made
3. Build release
4. Receiving acceptance

Signoff template provides a checklist format for customer
that can be used for reviewing a new system's functionality
and other attributes before closing a purchase order or
accepting a delivery. It includes checklist areas for
functional tests, documentation reviews, issue recording,
enhancement requests.

This form can be used standalone for this purpose, or it can
be used as the short-form checklist and signoff form
accompanying a written User Acceptance Test Plan or Beta
Test Plan (see our templates for those 2 documents).

NOTE: This form can also be adapted for review and
acceptance of any deliverable between a customer and a
provider. Whether the deliverable is a recommendations
report from consultants, a user manual from a technical
publications firm, a physical hardware system, a software
application, a plan for a marketing campaign, etc., this
form can be used to list what's expected by the customer,
record results of the acceptance review or tests, record
open issues to be corrected, and ultimately document
acceptance by the customer.

How to use?
When preparing to accept a deliverable—system, product,
report, etc.—from a supplier, fill out your version of this
form to include the items you want to test and/or review. If
possible, consider ahead of time whether any discrepancies
will be acceptable for each item. Schedule the review/tests
with the supplier and discuss expectations. When you perform
the reviews or tests, mark the performance of each item and
indicate whether each result is acceptable—will the
deliverable be accepted with this issue? Finally, review
overall results with supplier, timeline for issue
resolution, and whether re-test will be required.

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What is QA Life cycle..

Answer / sa

The QA life cycle starts from project initiation to project
windup if its a development project otherwise QA life cycle
for maintenance will have to take care of every change
requests.For the new change same procedure like
estimation,resourcea,efforts etc are to be taken care of.
the phases of life cycle of Software as per qa activities

1. project Initiation -It includes following:
-Statement of work(SOW)or contract
-Kick-off Minutes of meeting
-Project initiation note
-Resorce tracking sheet
2. Project Planning
-Project Management Plan
-MPP (project plan )
-Risk logs and Issue logs
3. Project Monitoring and control
-Check for Requirement Traceability matrix preperation and
-Reviews of the following-
Requirement documents (SRS)
Design documents
Testplan,test cases
-Baselining of the documnents
-Collection of all Documents in a repository
-Time lines constraint and schedule tracking
-Deliveries and Releases time constraints
4. Configuration Management
-Tracking tool for CM
-Tracking and managing the change requests
-Impact analysis
-logs of change requests
5 Risk Management
-Tracking of Risk logs and issue logs
-Root cause analysis
-alternative solutions
-Mitigation and Contingency plans
6.Project windup
-Prepare windup plan
-Lesson learnt in central repository
-windup report

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What is QA Life cycle..

Answer / satheesh

QA Life cycle starts from the project Intiaton to the
Project deployment.There are different stages such as:
1)Assesing the development plan.
2)Preparing the Test plan.
3)Reqirement phase testing .
4)Designe phase testing .
5)Program phase testing .
6)Analyzing the test results.
7)Black box or functional testing.
8)Analyzing the functional test results.
9)Instalation testing
10)Testing the Test effectiveness of the process.

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What is QA Life cycle..

Answer / amit verma

In Short QA Life Cycle involves only 4 steps are as follows:-


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What is QA Life cycle..

Answer / sreedhar

QA Life Cycle is nothing but the SDLC models and the
requriments of the client,Design,Testing and production of
the product with respective to cost is the Life cycle of QA.

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