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what is the difference between CMM and CMMI?

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what is the difference between CMM and CMMI?..

Answer / $

CMM is a reference model of matured practices in a specified
discipline for e.g. Systems Engineering CMM,
Software CMM, People CMM, Software Acquisition CMM etc. But
they were difficult to integrate as and when needed.
So the CMMi evolved as a more matured set of guidelines and
was built combining the best components of individual
Disciplines of CMM (Software CMM, People CMM etc). It can be
applied to product manufacturing, People management,
Software development etc
The Capability Maturity Model is a baseline of key practices
that should be implemented by any entity developing or
maintaining a product which is completely or partially
software. With the SW-CMM, the emphasis is on the software
Whereas with the CMMI, we can find both software and systems
practices. We can imagine that these models would be the
outcome of vast consultation of successful projects which
would then be documented in a model of what to do to carry
out projects with success and to improve continuously, and
recommended to the software and systems engineering community

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what is the difference between CMM and CMMI?..

Answer / vijaya

The first CMM (CMM v1.0) was developed for software and
released in August 1990.
Based on this success and the demand from other interests
CMMs were developed for other
disciplines and functions:
a. Systems Engineering
b. People
c. Integrated Product Development
d. Software Acquisition
e. Software Quality Assurance
f. Measurement

While organizations found these various CMMs to be useful
they also found them to be:
1. Overlapping
2. Contradicting
3. Lacking clean, understandable interfaces
4. Lacking standardization
5. Displaying different levels of detail

In addition, many organizations also had to deal with ISO
9001 Audits or TickIT audits based on ISO 9000-3

This resulted in expensive, confusing and conflicting
process improvement programs.

The CMM Integration Project was formed to:
1. Establish a framework to integrate current and
future models
2. Build an initial set of integrated models
The source models that served as the basis for the CMMI
1. CMM for Software v2.0 Draft C
2. EIA ? 731 Systems Engineering
3. IPD CMM (IPD) v0.98a

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what is the difference between CMM and CMMI?..

Answer / mala

CMM i mean capability maturity model designed only for
software industry. However CMMI means capabiity model
integrated, designed for which includes all other
industries like call center etc along with the software.
Initially CMM model was released and later upgraded to CMMI

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what is the difference between CMM and CMMI?..

Answer / ch.bilal dayal

1.CMM stands for capability !CMMI stands for capability
maturity model. !maturity model
2.CMM designed only for software !CMMI designed for all other
industry. !industries like call center
!etc along with software.
3.It has four phases. !It has five phases.
4.It is initial model & provide !It is upgraded model of
base line to CMMI !CMM.

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