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Infosys Manual Testing Interview Questions
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1. what is the test prcoedure that your fallowing in ur organization ? 2.

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Hallow friends, I have put more than 80 questions in QTP sub-category that were asked many reputed companies so that if you know the answers please post answers thank you, padmasekharpediredla

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How performance testing can be done manually? can anyone answer this question plz?

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what is cause effect graph?

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How to Test Web Application Without a Formal Test Plan....?

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Give an example of High sevierity and low priority

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What is Test strategy?

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Explain Vmodel

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Who fixes the bug as Severity and priority ?

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Why do u want to change ur current Company?

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what is UI testing

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hi friends, i have completed course and project on insurance domain in mindq testing institution...can any working employee please tell me ,which notes( testing subject notes,project notes)i have to prefer first.i was studied both notes and getting of my friend got job throughly only project notes and said that project notes is enough to get which way ,i have to prepare interview( which important topics first ), if you are follow any strategy to interview purpose,pls send me important topics list.


Hi, this is murthysharma. I need very urgently about some terms which are used in use cases? Plz give reply to me, if any body know, It is really very very urgent. 1. what is the difference between basic flow,exception flow and alternative flow? 2.what are non-functional requirements in use cases? 3.what are exceptions, special requirements, business rules, assumptions, constraints. Kindly give me with the example. Bcoz, I am very new to this use cases. thanks in Advance. Regards, M.MurthySharma


What does scalability mean. Is the system scalable only in terms of hardware or its software which makes the application scalable. Please provide an example to support your answer.

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When we use integration testing for any new system so why we required system testing.


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Infosys Manual Testing Interview Questions

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