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SAP PP (Production Planning) Interview Questions
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What is the significance of order types in PP?

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What is significance of various manufacturing strategies?


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Describe control key utility & also standard key ? how many fields can be configured for standard value key?

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Describe different types of scrap. Where all different types of scrap can be maintained on SAP user screens?

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How to configure the planning calendar for the ATP calculation where goods are shipped every other working day?

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What is the difference between by-product and co-product and how do you differentiate them in a BOM?


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What are some important tables used in PP ?

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We have deleted a group key in an operation in routing and the same does not appear for this routing (CA02). But we noticed that entries are maintained in table PLPO and the deletion indicator is not set. How does the system remember this deletion of group key?

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We get an error message "Control parameters for scheduling not defined" while creating test production Orders. Why?

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What is the option "Documented goods movements" on Selection of Individual Object Lists (transaction code CO28)?

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How can we shut off the "automatic costing indicator" and the "automatic scheduling indicator" which go on when the production order is released?

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can any body tell me integration between pp with fi,mm,sd.

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what are the basics of PP ?


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what is recurssive BOM ?

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP PP (Production Planning) }

How mrp (material requirement planning) types are classified?


In the monthly lot size proc, how to generate lot at the end of Period?


Mention what is the t-code for changing production order and to display production order?


What is the use of mrp list?


what are the constraints of Variant configuration?


Two or three Production Orders are there for the same day, and goods are not sufficient and then how to proceed?


Steps to configure Production order type.


How do you get the system to update this value from the routing?


What is the difference between pp and pp-pi? Which one is better and how ?


What is the production process in sap?


What does the use of ms70 followed by mcec get you?


Explain the gaps and the steps involved in them.


How requirements( pir, sales order, customer requirement) are reduced after they are produced?


How is the processing time calculated in a wc when both labor, machine categories exist?


What is opening period?