SAP BO BOBJ (Business Objects) Interview Questions
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What is the semantic layer?

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How do I create a universe?

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What are the main benefits of the semantic layer from an IT perspective?

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What are the main benefits of universes from a user perspective?

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What are the ways I can access SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse?

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Do I need to continue to create universes on SAP BEx queries?

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Are there differences between multi-source enabled relational universes on SAP Netweaver BW Infoproviders and direct access for SAP BEx queries via BICS?

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Do I need to continue to invest in SAP BEx queries?

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What are the client tools that can consume SAP BW relational universes?

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What are the client tools that can consume BEx queries?

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Can I reuse OLAP universes that were created with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.x?

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Is SAP BW’s time-dependent master data available in the SAP BusinessObjects semantic layer?

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Are SAP BW hierarchies supported in the semantic layer, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and SAP Crystal Reports Enterprise?

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Is SAP Netweaver BW data security addressed by the Semantic Layer?

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Can I reuse SAP BEx query features in multi-source enabled relational universes?

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