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SAP BO BOBJ (Business Objects) Interview Questions
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What is the semantic layer?

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How do I create a universe?

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What are the main benefits of the semantic layer from an IT perspective?

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What are the main benefits of universes from a user perspective?

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What are the ways I can access SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse?

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Do I need to continue to create universes on SAP BEx queries?

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Are there differences between multi-source enabled relational universes on SAP Netweaver BW Infoproviders and direct access for SAP BEx queries via BICS?

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Do I need to continue to invest in SAP BEx queries?

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What are the client tools that can consume SAP BW relational universes?

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What are the client tools that can consume BEx queries?

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Can I reuse OLAP universes that were created with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.x?

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Is SAP BW’s time-dependent master data available in the SAP BusinessObjects semantic layer?

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Are SAP BW hierarchies supported in the semantic layer, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and SAP Crystal Reports Enterprise?

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Is SAP Netweaver BW data security addressed by the Semantic Layer?

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Can I reuse SAP BEx query features in multi-source enabled relational universes?

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In Crystal Reports, When i modified the document based on the user request. where the document will be saved in crystal reports and How user identified either the developer was modified the requirement or not? Please suggest..!


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What is the standard mode?