SAP PS Interview Questions
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What do you understand by Project ?

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How LSMW and BAPI works?

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What is Easy Cost Planning?

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What are settlement rules?


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What is milestone triggering?

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What is relationship?

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What is Gantt chart?

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What is Project planning board?

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What is unit costing?

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What is Project Management?

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Please Let me know the "Process how do we convert business into sap"?


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My SAP system will be implemented in May 2008, how do i put past cost/ hours for a project which has started in january?

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Can anyone post the SAP-Project systems interview questions.


How can PS be linked to COPA? How will the settlement take place in this case (when PS is linked to Controlling through COPA)


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hi, how i can create a project, i am the new person to this field? how we can make print out , after making a project planning board? where i can check the all transactional codes serial basis?

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a new comer joined in ps consultant role, whats his first job and duty? how he can explain the project details to others? i requesting all the experienced consultants please post the your real time faced attitude and job based problems for getting the morality from you people. please post the answers


Can anyone post the SAP-Project systems interview questions.