SAP PS Interview Questions
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What do you understand by Project ?

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How LSMW and BAPI works?

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What is Easy Cost Planning?

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What are settlement rules?


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What is milestone triggering?

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What is relationship?

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What is Gantt chart?

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What is Project planning board?

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What is unit costing?

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What is Project Management?

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Please Let me know the "Process how do we convert business into sap"?


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My SAP system will be implemented in May 2008, how do i put past cost/ hours for a project which has started in january?

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Can anyone post the SAP-Project systems interview questions.


How can PS be linked to COPA? How will the settlement take place in this case (when PS is linked to Controlling through COPA)


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hi, how i can create a project, i am the new person to this field? how we can make print out , after making a project planning board? where i can check the all transactional codes serial basis?

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Can anyone post the SAP-Project systems interview questions.


a new comer joined in ps consultant role, whats his first job and duty? how he can explain the project details to others? i requesting all the experienced consultants please post the your real time faced attitude and job based problems for getting the morality from you people. please post the answers