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iFlex Interview Questions
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Can a class inherit the constructors of its superclass?

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Can a servlet be called by passing its name as a parameter in the URL?

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Difference between abstract class and Interfaces?

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what are callback methods?

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Tell about strtok & strstr functions

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What is the difference between SEARCH and SEARCH ALL? What is more efficient?

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What is the difference between Where and Having Clause

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what is vat? what is excise? what is form c & d in sales tax?

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Life cycle methods in stateful session beans?

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What is a difference between pre-select and pre-query?

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Hierarchy of DWH?

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I-FLEX PLACEMENT PAPERS ----------placement paper -1

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I-FLEX PLACEMENT PAPERS ----------- placement paper-2

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write a procedure to print a statement or number not using "dbms_output.put_line" package.write a procedure instead of it using procdure name as "print" ex:- declare a number:=2; begin print(a); end; /* when U type above procedure 2 have to should be printed*/

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What is the need of filtering ideal response of filters and actual response of filters?

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iFlex Interview Questions

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